• Gladwin County Roads


The Gladwin County Road Commission has 3 elected commissioners, and the road commission board is a separate entity from general county government, operating with its own revenue sources and budget.

The Gladwin County Road Commission maintains 880.56 miles of county roads, of which approximately 360 miles are paved, and 169 lane miles of state highway with a total workforce of 30 regular employees.  Of the regular employees, 19 are drivers and operators, while 3 perform mechanical duties and 1 is involved with signs.  Supervisors, financial, technical and clerical personnel account for 7 positions.

Act-51 State collected Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF) revenue is our primary source of revenue for road and bridge maintenance.  This revenue is generated primarily from gas & diesel fuel taxes, and vehicle registration and license plate fees.  MTF revenue has been declining over the past many years, as the gas tax has not been increased since 1997.

Revenue generated from our county-wide road and bridge millage is for necessary road and bridge improvements and is not for routine road and bridge maintenance.  There is some public misconception that relates the taxes they pay for the road and bridge millage to our routine maintenance work. The County of Gladwin and Gladwin County Road Commission has been very fortunate to have received the local support for the county-wide road and bridge millage for over 45 years.  This millage which was renewed in 2012 has generated revenues that are responsible for improvements to many miles of roads and numerous bridges and drainage structures within the county since 1968.

Road commissions are responsible for routine maintenance of county public roads and, in Gladwin County, state highways.  Along with the commonly recognized activities of snow plowing, gravel road blading, improving drainage, pothole patching, and roadside mowing, road commissions also maintain bridges, signs, pavement markings, equipment, and storage facilities.

More information on the history, function and financing of road commissions may be found on the County Road Association of Michigan (CRAM) website at www.micountyroads.org