• Gladwin County Roads
2017 Projects

Gladwin County Road Commission
2017 Projects


  • Secord Lake Causeway on Wildwood Road
  • Hockaday Road at Little Tobacco River
  • Gidden Road Bridge over Venison Creek
  • Burling Drive in Billings Township

Construction (Building Road for 2018 Paving)

  • 1.2 miles of River Road from Croll Road north to Howard
  • 1 mile of Eaton Road from shearer to Bard


  • 1800 feet of Still Wagon Road from M-30 to County line
  • 1 mile of Jones Road from Estey Road south
  • 1 mile of Hockaday Roadfrom Ritchie to Dutcher
  • 2 miles of Hockaday Road from Wagarville south
  • 1.2 miles of Youngs and Center from M-30 to existing pavement
  • 200 feet of Tittabawasee from Wildwood west
  • 200 feet of Norway from Wildwood west
  • 1 mile of Klender Rd from Shaard Rd north
  • 2 miles of Hunter/Myers from Countyline north
  • 1 mile of Finkbeiner from M-30 to Cedar Lake
  • 1 mile of Lyle Rd from M-18 to Roehrs
  • 1 mile of Calhoun Rd from Bard west
  • 1 mile of Arnold Lake from Countyline to M-18
  • 1.5 miles of Ritchie from M-30 west
  • 1.2 miles of Boman/Baker from Bensch to end
  • 1 mile of Parker from McCulloch to Grout
  • 1.3 miles of West Branch Drive beginning at south end 
  • 1.2 miles of Pineland from boat launch south
  • 0.8 mile of Anderson from Jones Road west 
  • 0.8 mile of Pinconning from Jones Road west
  • 0.4 mile of Norway in Hay Township
  • 0.75 mile of Stickle Road from city line south

Chip Seal

  • School Rd from Estey to Swinson
  • Vandyke Rd from M-30 to Dundas
  • Cedar Lake Rd from park to existing

Primary Chip Seal

  • 4 miles of Chappel Dam Rd from Schmidt Rd north
  • 1 mile of Wagarville Rd from M-18 to Nickless
  • 1 mile of Highwood rom M-30 to Martin
  • 1 mile of Knox Rd from M-30 to Dundas
  • 2 miles of Wixon Dr from Brushaber to Vandyke