Gladwin County Road Commission


Construction and Paving Projects

Anglers Lane – Shaw west, 0.6 miles. Sage Township. Partially Millage Funded.
Bensch Road – South of M30, Bridge Paving. Bourret Township. FEMA Funded.
Butman Road – Heather Way to Grass Lake Rd., 0.9 miles. Butman Township. Partially Millage Funded
Chappel Dam Road – Wagarville north, 1 mile. Sage Township. Millage Funded.
Clendening Road – Chappel Dam west, 0.3 miles, Sage Township. Partially Millage Funded.
Dale Road Widen – M-18 to M-30, 6 miles. Tobacco Township. Partially Millage Funded.
Estey Road – Jones Road to the Bay County line, 7 miles. Billings Township/Bentley Township. Federal Aid/Millage Match
Grout Road – Kerswill Road south 1 mile, 1.25  miles. Grout Township. Partially Millage Funded.
Heron Cove – Red Oak South, .5 miles. Billings/Tobacco Township. Partially Millage Funded.
Jones Road – Brushaber to Pinconninng Roads, 1 mile. Billings Township. Partially Millage Funded.
Linksview Way – From HMA joint to Sugar River, 0.8 Miles. Butman Township. Partially Millage Funded.
Mohawk Trail – Existing pavement South, 3/4 miles. Clement Township. Partially Millage Funded.
Peterson Road – Between Dale and Guernsey Roads, Large Culvert. Tobacco Township. Millage Funded.
Pratt Lake Road – M-18 to Chappel Dam, 2 miles. Sage Township. Millage Funded.
Radov Dr. – Wieman Road east, 1 mile. Hay Township. Partially Millage Funded.
River Road – 1 Mile south of Gladwin, 1 mile. Buckeye Township. Milage/ARPA.
River Road – 5 Miles widened shoulder, 5 miles. Buckeye Township. Bike Trail/MTF Funds.
Schaard Road – Klender Road west, 0.75 miles. Grim Township. Partially Millage Funded.
School Road – Estey Road north to Katzer, 1.5 miles. Bentley Township. Partially Millage Funded.
Three Rivers Road – Wirtz Road South, 1 miles. Secord Township. Partially Millage Funded.
Traxler Dr. – Wirtz Road South, 1 mile. Secord Township. Partially Millage Funded.
Wagarville Road – Hockaday to McClure Roads, 1 mile. Gladwin Township. Millage Funded.
Willford Road Bridge – Between Mix Dr. and Shearer Roads. Sage Township. Millage Funded.
Winchester Way – Islanders Way to Islanders Way, 0.5 miles. Butman Township. Partially Millage Funded.
Woodview Pass Sub. – M-18 West to Burgess Road, 1.5 miles. Beaverton Township. Partially Millage Funded.
Worchester Way – Winchester to Sugar River, 0.5 miles. Butman Township. Partially Millage Funded.


Road Reconstruction

Dale Road – Bard easterly 1 mile. Beaverton Township
Long Road – Glidden north to Knox. Tobacco Township
Ridge Road – Lakeshore westerly. Secord Township
Mohawk Trail – From the end back 1/2 mile. Clement Township

New Pavement

River Road – Howard south to existing pavement on Croll Road. Buckeye Township
Eaton Road – From Shearer Road West to Barb. Sage Township
Shearer Road – From Gashe north to Eaton. Sage Township

Crush and Shape

Pratt Lake Road – 800′ near Wiggins Lake Road. Sage Township
Lyle Road – M-18 westerly 2.5 miles. Beaverton Township. Category A MDOT Grant
Wagarville Road – Hockaday west 2 miles to Nickless. Gladwin Township
Wirtz Road – Nickless to Shell. Gladwin/Butman Township

Wedge, Widen, Overly

Bard Road – Kerswill Road north 3 miles. Grout and Safe Townships
Beaverton Road – Bard Road easterly 4.5 to Beaverton City Limite. Beaverton Twp
Chappel Dam – M-61 north .5 miles. Grout Township


Kerswill Road – Bard Road west 1 mile. Grout Township
Grim Road – Bay/Gladwin line west to Klender Road. Grim Township
Ritchie Road – Hockaday Road east 1.5 miles. Butman Township
Knox Road – Beaverton City liite east .75 miles. Tabacco Township
Hockadday Road – Smith Road south to Winegar. Buckeye Township
Hockaday Road – Youngs Road south to Weber Road. Gladwin Township
Estey Road – M-30 easterly to Wieman Road. Billings Township
Heil/Cardinal Lane – M-30 north to Brushaber Road. Tobacco Township
W. Knox Road – M-30 to Wieman. Billings Township
Dundas Road – M-30 north to Brushaber Road. Tobacco Township
Linksview Way – Sugar River north 1 mile. Butman Township
4 Seasons Sub – East of M-30. Secord Township
Ridge Road – M-30 east .5 miles. Secord Township
Lakeshore Dr. – Ridge Road south 1 mile. Secord Township
Pine Road – Martin road south 1 mile to end. Billings Township

Large Culvert

Guernsey road, east of M-18
Heil Road Dam Removal
Swinson Road Ditching Project